Announcing TechnoTherapy

Hi everyone, I have decided to focus my longer-form online efforts around a new org, TechnoTherapy.  The vision is to hold a space for the integration of mobile/web technology into the work of behavioral health professionals.  Please check out the site by clicking on the icon below.  Really excited about this new adventure! This site […]

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April 12, 2012

I’ve been sad lately. On April 12, I celebrated 10 years of continuous 12-step recovery; it was a moment shared with over 100 people, including my mother and so many dear friends, to celebrate this gift of life I’ve been given. In the moment, one …

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Why I blog

What is blogging to me? Most people who were around when it began know blog is short for web-log. Web — the world wide web, defined by the HTTP protocol, a medium for computerized transport of semi-structured information, related to weave, from O…

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What’s my bias?

This earlier post on media bias led me to think, perhaps it’s best to abandon objectivity altogether, and instead be totally, even painfully, subjective — but with self-awareness. Also, it reminded me that this blog is itself is a media outlet of…

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