On the YogaGlo video patent

So there was a recently a spurious patent issued for shooting video of a yoga asana class from a particular angle.  From my view, this is the inevitable result of “yoga” not being about … well, yoga. Fortunately, there can never be a patent on the inner state of awakening that makes one lead a […]

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Being Vegan

A friend posted to my Facebook wall this recent NPR article entitled “Do Vegetarians and Vegans Think They’re Better Than Everyone Else?” Despite its cheeky tone, the question seriously got me thinking about the community of vegans — do we think …

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April 12, 2012

I’ve been sad lately. On April 12, I celebrated 10 years of continuous 12-step recovery; it was a moment shared with over 100 people, including my mother and so many dear friends, to celebrate this gift of life I’ve been given. In the moment, one …

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Objectification and Yoga

I’ve been meditating recently on how better to describe the type of yoga I practice – and its relation to all the other ‘yoga’ out there. An intuition has been evolving and recently distilled itself into this: My yoga is decidedly not the objectif…

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