World Peace

What does it even mean?

No world war?
No nations warring each other?
No nations preparing for war?
No nations embroiled in civil war?
No violent organized opposition to standing governments–guerrilla war, drug cartels, and separatist movements?
No violence between groups within a nation–gang war, ethnic cleansing?
No violence against disenfranchised groups–women, gays, children, minorities, the ill?
No violence inflicted by one individual on another–murder,assault,rape?
No self-inflicted violence?
No lack of love, security, water, food, shelter, respect, justice, information, or opportunity for each and every single member of the human race?
No violence toward the planet–air, land, sea, and the balance of all life?
No violence toward future generations?
No question mark after the words “world peace”?




All of it.  All.

World Peace.  I pray.

World Peace. I believe.

World Peace. I try.

Or I cannot have real peace even with myself.

World Peace is the natural state of the Earth.  It is what brought us into being, our birthright.  And it is inevitable.

The only real question is, will we allow it in our lifetimes?  Or will we persist in the tragic, devastating lie that is despairing of it altogether?

We have a choice.  Time to make it in favor of the truth that was here before us and will be here long after:

World Peace.

Time to put away the question marks I say.

Yes — World Peace — yes.

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